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Samantha Gluck

Freelance journalist and copywriter managing a growing content development and digital branding agency. Member: Association of Health Care Journalists

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Holiday Heart Syndrome – What You Should Know « Balanced Living

By Samantha Gluck
People associate holidays with time off from work and festive gatherings with friends and family. Many Americans visit with one another over an array of food and drinks. The festive ...

Do You Know the Warning Signs? « Balanced Living

By Samantha Gluck
The rise of social media in recent years has given people a valuable new tool for communicating with others. Its popularization has led to numerous positive changes in the lives of p...

Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom

We all have scars. Some are small and others more prominent. Some fade and are forgotten while others persist as vivid reminders of past trauma. Everyone makes a choice how to grow and move forward in the wake of their wounds.

Stand Up For Mental Health Campaign - HealthyPlace

The stigma of mental illness hurts you and the people you care about. Learn how you can help stop the stigma. Join the STAND UP FOR MENTAL HEALTH campaign.

Cosmetic procedures for men see growth in popularity « Balanced Living

By Samantha Gluck
People generally associate women with plastic surgery procedures, with a few men sprinkled in here and there. But according to the recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) ...

Ryan Clark's Cure League: Tackling Sickle Cell

Samantha Gluck authored all content for this site.
Conceived by Ryan Clark — Pittsburgh Steelers safety and leading tackler — in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, Ryan Clark's Cure League raises money to fund sickle cell disease ...

Stand Up for Mental Health Buttons - HealthyPlace

Join the Stand Up for Mental Health campaign. Place a button on your website, blog or social page. Let others know mental illness stigma is wrong.

Self-Injurers and Their Common Personality Traits - HealthyPlace

Self-injurers, people who self-injure, do share some common personality traits. Who are these people who self-harm? Find out now.

Confusing Panic Attacks and Heart Attacks - HealthyPlace

Discover why people confuse panic attacks and heart attacks. Includes facts on heart attack vs panic attack.

When heavy menstrual bleeding is a red flag

Feature story with authoritative sources about heavy menstrual bleeding in young women.

Losing the baby weight after pregnancy

By Samantha Gluck
Is the baby gone, but not the belly? This is typical. After all, you carried a human being inside your body for nine months. Despite the news reports of Hollywood starlets returning ...

Business Tips for Writers & Speakers |

If you speak or write for a living, you know that building a positive image for your personal brand and style attracts new business and makes you money. Many writers and speakers perform activities ...

Benefits of Contract Employment |

Contract employment offers a variety of benefits for both employers and independent contractors. To receive the full benefits of hiring contract labor, businesses must study the guidelines for the ...

Anxiety Symptoms: Recognizing Signs of Anxiety - HealthyPlace

Anxiety symptoms, including physical symptoms of anxiety, and what to do about them. Plus recognizing the signs of anxiety.

360 Degree Performance Appraisal Process |

Businesses use the 360 degree feedback performance appraisal process to evaluate the individual managers. This comprehensive performance appraisal system provides feedback on a manager’s ...